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fitzroy fitness club 

Connecting, Moving and Motivating for a healthier way of life


What I Do

A different approach to fitness


Online Group Training

Connect and Sweat Together

My online group training subscription has launched driven by the need to adapt in this COVID-19 landscape. I looked at many different ways to take training online and listened to you - my community. As a result, I am thrilled to offer live face to face group class run over zoom.


I believe that what we need now more than ever is to connect with one another and continue to meet new people. Joining in a live class helps to give us focus, accountability and routine to kick start our day. The energy of training with others motivates us to push that little bit harder.

This is a general fitness class suitable for just about anybody.

Group Training

Strength, Stamina and Community

Along with strength and HIIT style training, my fitness classes include unique exercises that help build balance, coordination and spatial awareness. These are things I believe to be integral but are nearly always overlooked in classes generally.


This Class is based at the beautiful Prime Athletica in Fitzroy

* *This service has been put on hold during the current restrictions in place during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

1 : 1 Fitness Training

A Personal Approach

This 1 : 1 approach helps you really understand the ins and outs of your own body. Understanding how to correct those imbalances, strengthen those weaknesses and rehab those old injuries unique to your body.

*  1 : 1 Personal Training is based at the beautiful Prime Athletica in Fitzroy

* * This service has been restricted to outdoor bodyweight training during the current restrictions in place during the COVID-19 Pandemic. For more details and bookings please contact me via email or phone. 


Nick Milwright, Founder

About Fitzroy Fitness Club

Movement, strength, community and the arts are areas I have always been passionate about.

I believe these are the things that contribute to a healthy life.


As a professional Health and Fitness Coach, my purpose is to guide people towards a healthier more connected way of life.  

My background spans ballet & contemporary dance, martial arts, strength & conditioning coaching, music and more. I have worked in the Australian Defence Force as an Infantryman and I have also worked as Professional Composer and Touring Musician.

These experiences have given me important tools. Tools such as discipline, endurance, focus, flexibility.

I’ve learnt how to adapt to different environments, how to communicate as a coach, musician and dancer. I understand stress and how to see the world through a different lens. I want to share this knowledge to help you move towards a healthier, stronger and happier life.


Nick xx



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FFC is based out of the beautiful Prime Athletica 

10 Spring Street Fitzroy 3065


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