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Small Group Training

Strength, Stamina and Community

Along with strength and HIIT-style training, my small group personal training sessions include unique exercises that help build balance, coordination and spatial awareness. I believe these are integral things but are nearly always overlooked in classes.

The small group personal training sessions give you individualised coaching while being motivated in a group setting. 

These groups are open to the public to book via our app. To form a private training group with your friends or colleagues, please get in touch.

Classes are run in our new FFC Clubhouse located in a studio space in Collingwood & Carlton Gardens for outdoor training.

Spaces are limited to 8 people per group 


1:1 & 2:1
Personal Training

A Personal Approach

This 1:1 approach helps you really understand the ins and outs of your own body. Understanding how to correct those imbalances, strengthen those weaknesses and rehab those old injuries unique to your body.

Train with your partner or friend with 2:1 private personal training sessions or inquire about creating a private small group.

*1:1 Personal Training is based at the FFC Clubhouse, located in Collingwood.

**For more details and bookings please contact me via email or phone. 


Online Workouts

FFC Workouts Anytime/Anywhere

FFC Online bodyweight workouts are a mixture of high-intensity training, functional/unique movement patterns, and shoulder and core sessions.

When Covid hit, I moved my entire business online and wanted to create a balanced workout that you can do anywhere and anytime.

I initially thought it would be a nice stop-gap to keep people connected and moving throughout the lockdowns and isolation. However, I found that this way of training worked incredibly well regardless of these circumstances, and it kept me as fit as I was training in the gym. I also found that my balance, stability, coordination and mobility significantly improved compared to pre-Covid times.   

Since Melbourne has reopened and we are returning to the 'New Normal', I decided that this way of training was now my 'New Normal'.

Sign up for Online Workouts to receive weekly curated video uploads and a newsletter.

*Equipment may include stuff from around your house.

Corporate Training

Keep your team happy, healthy and motivated.  

We offer corporate training packages which can be done in our Collingwood studio or online via Zoom. 

The perfect way to energise your team, or to take a break from our desks to stretch and breathe.

Choose your intensity/style - Cardio, strength, mobility, flow, breath work or a combination. 

Packages can be tailored to suit your needs. 


Nick is a fabulous trainer! The group workouts are both fun and challenging - Nick has a great way of making everyone feel welcome and supported to go at their own pace, while ensuring that you're being pushed a bit more each time. Highly recommend!


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